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Tip of the Day Ask For A Raise

Ask For A Raise - If you have been with the company for over a year and you have been working hard and feel that you are entitled to a...

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Business Tax Filing

Business tax filing is a bit more intimidating than taking care of one's own individual 1040, so it might be best to hire a professional tax preparer. On the other hand, perhaps you're smarter than you thought. Why not visit the IRS Website and look up the forms you'll need to file for your business. If you can comprehend them, you can probably fill them out and file them.

Still, there are definitely circumstances under which you'll want - at a minimum - the advice of a qualified professional regarding your business tax filing. Perhaps your business is tanking and you're losing more than you're taking in. Perhaps you've suffered a major interruption of business due to circumstances beyond your control. Perhaps you've experienced a business catastrophe. Embezzlement, theft, fire, lawsuits, acts of God - any of these circumstances will affect the filing of your business tax and a tax pro can make it infinitely easier to do it right.

Finding a tax pro who specializes in preparing business tax returns is fairly easy these days. As the forms used by the IRS have become not only more complex but also more numerous, some genius in The High School Guidance Counselors of America Guild had a bright idea: Instead of encouraging every college-track student to aim for a career in Science, why not direct some of them toward Finance? At first this led to a daunting number of college grads with MBAs and no place to hang their hats, but eventually the situation rectified itself. Some of them became skilled accountants with an emphasis on tax preparation.

Types of business are nearly as limitless as the number of taxes devised to "share" in their wealth. Service industries, hospitality, retail, wholesale, contracting, medical, legal, the list goes on and on. Components of those different types of business that can affect the applicable tax forms are just as legion. Having employees, renting/owning the business location, various required insurance coverages, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing for resale, uniforms, service vehicles -- these are just some of the elements that can apply to the ownership of a business and filing its business tax forms.

And finally, if your business is ailing and you can't afford to pay for help with preparing and filing your business tax return, you may be lucky enough to have a volunteer organization in your area whose specific agenda is assisting low-income persons and struggling businesses with their tax form preparation. Mostly staffed by retired business people and advanced students of finance and accounting, you will find their help invaluable.

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