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Capital Gains Tax Allowance

Capital Gains Tax Allowances or C.G.T.'s may be an unimportant 'detail' for 99% of Americans this year since the downfall of our economy has created a situation where the allowance is null and void due to massive losses...another 'negative' for an economy that is in dire need of tax money paid.

In years prior to 2008 the C.G.T. was a complicated process and involved much verification and smaller allowances at a time when at least SOME people DID have a gain. However the allowance was simplified for years 2008 through 2009 giving allowances that are higher than in previous years and that create large categories of gains that are NOT TAXABLE at all!

Capital Gains Tax Allowances are "amounts" that the government allows you to "not claim" over and above any PROFIT that you might make on the sale of many tangible items...profit that is above the value of the property or item. It applies to shares in corporations, second homes and the sale of lots of things (and they LOVE antiques here) that increase in value. The allowances are as follows; $9,600 for 2008-2009 and 10,100 for 2009-2010 or $38,000 total assets disposed of.

Naturally since the ALMOST complete collapse of our economy and the huge losses of shareholders as well as the de-valued real estate market C.G.T. allowances are not hugely important this year or possibly anytime in the near future. Losses will flood the tax market giving much less tax income to our already struggling country. One would tend to think this a 'good thing' for taxpayers and the country individually, even with a lot less taxes to look forward to as a nation. However there are some surprises in the many items that are COMPLETELY exempt from the C.G.T. aside from allowances!

Among the things completely exempt from the tax is charitable gain, or gifts between husband and wife. Also exempt is your personal home...good things...but hold on...also any tangible personal possession with a life of UNDER 50 years. What doesn't quit before 50 years? And this also includes boats or antiques you consider a PERSONAL boat or antique. Betting and LOTTERY winnings....(Okay...that's going a bit far!) national savings and investments, child trust funds, pensions, life insurance, Isas, shares (when placed in an approved investment incentive program) or shares you put into a new business to help it grow.

Some web-sites have side-bars telling viewers to see any tax professional to loop-hole their gains!" So if you are lucky enough to HAVE one, forget the allowance, it may be completely exempt!

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