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    Federal Tax Book

    Although there is no one book on federal taxes that you should follow the main thing that you need to remember is that all of the laws are laid out by the Internal Revenue Service.

    If you are looking for information on what federal taxes are you probably haven't paid them yet. If this is your first time paying federal taxes you should contact someone, even just a friend or relative that has filed them before, so they can help you figure out what you need to do. Although paying your taxes is a seemingly simple task it can become quite daunting for a first timer.

    If you feel that you do need a book on federal taxes your local bookstore would probably carry many books that would help you figure out how to pay your federal taxes. These books will be very helpful although if you are filing a simple individual return it is probably not necessary for you to buy a book.

    All of the tax forms that you fill out have directions directly on them. Each line tells you exactly what to put in each spot and how to calculate and amounts that you need to put in said spots. There are worksheets to make sure that you are putting the proper amount in each line to avoid any mistakes or mishaps that may happen.

    Another way you could get help instead of buying a book would be to contact a tax professional or a tax lawyer. I would avoid calling a tax lawyer if at all possible as they can be quite expensive especially if you simply have a question that a little reading could probably fix. Tax professionals will usually charge a very little fee if any at all for answering a very simple tax question.

    The easiest way to get information on filing your taxes is on the internet. Although some people think that the internet is not a good source for information it actually is as long as you get your information from a reputable source that can be checked. The Internal Revenue Service has a website which can normally answer just about any question that you may possibly have about your taxes.

    If you still feel the need to go out a get a book, go ahead, just make sure that you get one for the current tax year as the rules and taxation amounts do change year by year.

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