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Federal Tax Law

Paying taxes in the United States is something that you are required to do by law. This means that there have been actual laws set forth saying that all citizens must pay taxes. These laws are quite extensive but normally the normal person simply needs to know that they need to pay their taxes.

Taxes in the United States spans over four different levels of the government. The taxation includes municipal, township, district, and also county government levels. SOmetimes it also has to do with schools, utilities, and transit districts. The main one however is state and federal government.

The history of taxes in the United States is one that started long ago and has been build upon over many years. Tariffs were one of the first forms of taxation in the tax United States. They were put into effect in 1790 in World War One until they were later replaced by actual income taxes. The United Sates said that congress could only put on a direct tax if it was proportionate across the states depending on that state's population.

This apportionment made it so that income taxes on most properties that were owned was basically an impossibility. They did not want to set income taxes to be only on wages so they passed the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1913. This law made it so that income taxes were exempt from apportionment meaning that income tax was not based on that state's population

Over the years the rates have changed and the things that we can be taxed on has changed too. The income tax was at first expended by Congress but inflation realize many people into a bracket for people much more wealthy then themselves which caused problems. Now income brackets are adjusted due to inflation to keep this problem from happening.

As the United Sates grows more and more every day and our economy becomes more and more complex the income tax and laws will continue to grow and evolve with it. Whether taxes will go up or down is generally dependent upon the economy.

Today, regardless of what you think about taxation in the United States it is against the law to not pay your taxes so fork over the money and stay within the law.

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