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    Federal Tax Policy

    Taxation gone 'haywire' is what many American's fear about federal tax policies today. Is our government 'out of control' where taxation is concerned? What is the role of the federal government according to the United States Constitution? What, exactly, did our founding fathers have to say about taxation...and most of all, how on EARTH do we make it right again? Americans fear that our federal government and, perhaps ALL governmental bodies have gone SO FAR away from the vision of our founding fathers that today's federal tax policies threaten the very life and continued existence of our citizens and our nation.

    It is a very real concern as congress and our current administration 'sit' contemplating massive expansion of the role of federal government, ways to balance a deficit that stands at more than $12 trillion WITHOUT the new policies additional requirements, and who appears to be looking toward citizens and businesses as "their bulls eye" for payment of astronomical new taxes.

    Long ago, government implemented federal taxes on individuals and business' along with a 'maze' of others as time progressed. But someone forgot to check the United States Constitution and the vision of the founding fathers...look it up, it's easy! Federal tax policy was never supposed to include ANY individual or business federal tax...as a matter of fact it mentions avoidance of OPPRESSION driven policies by the federal government. Needed funds are supposed to come from taxation on imported goods and excise taxes...period! Remember our forefathers came here to be FREE from smothering taxation! So when writing the constitution they tried to prevent governmental oppression through TAXES, and sought to ensure the perpetuation of personal freedoms...vision lost by today's federal tax policies.

    The founders allowed for the possibility of a federal deficit. According to the U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 2 and Clause 3, states MUST PAY any federal deficit through what is called a 'fair share payment.' This says any deficit is to be given in the form of a bill to the governor of each. Payment is supposed to be calculated according to the number of voting representatives in each state. So those with higher representation would pay more and states with low representation, pay less. The state is supposed to decide WHERE the payment comes from. This would provide STRONG INCENTIVE for each state government to keep their fiscal feet planted "surely on the ground!"

    SIMPLE you say? Definitely NOT...but "No time like the present to begin."

    Discuss It!

    Gatorjtm said:

    The income tax is constitutional. It is the 16th amendment to the constitution. Read it.

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