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Tip of the Day Get the Most Bang for Your Airline Miles

Get the Most Bang for Your Airline Miles - Just because you are taking a holiday doesn't mean you shouldn't shop around. You may have plans to visit a...

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    Income Tax Check Refund

    Many people don't realize that when you get your income tax check refund it isn't really a refund at all but simply a reimbursement of money that you've loan to the government tax free for one year. Any other establishment that would have access to your funds would have to pay you an interest for having possession of your funds. How can they get away with it? Simple there are rules enacted by congress that allow them that right to do it?

    You can complain all you like but nothing is going to change unless it gets ratified by a majority vote of three fourths of the 50 United States. People don't understand why Puerto Rico never decides to become a state. This is one of the big reasons why. They simply don't want to have to pay taxes like everyone else. If you could have the advantages of citizenship without having to pay the full amount you would too, wouldn't you? The rest of us really didn't have a choice in the matter.

    But people are always so happy and excited when they do get their refund as it is already spent before it reaches their hands. If you want to get access to your funds prior to tax time there is an easy way to do it. And it isn't illegal. You can simply change your deduction amounts on your employer form. Instead of simply claiming yourself or your spouse you can increase it to coincide with what you estimate you taxes will be. This is a bit tricky as you don't exactly know what the tax rules will be for the next year, but you can go by the ones still in effect. For example if you need a quick loan or want to pay a bill off before April 15th you can change your deductions to increase enough to get your estimated refund or a portion of your refund back. But the warning is to make sure that you change it back after you've received the money that you need. Because if you don't you will really have a large tax bill come due. This will allow you to get a bigger portion back in your paycheck.

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    Definition of the Day Purchasing Power

    Purchasing Power – This refers to the strength and buying muscle, ability and resources, (as measured by quantity/quality  of products/services it can afford/buy. Where the real buying strengths, resources, control and command, ability, agility and procurement lie for and in the business. What is the ability to buy, pay for,...

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