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Tip of the Day Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First - Pay yourself first happens to be one of the best financial strategies around to day. We all know how hard it is to put money away,...

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    Inheritance Tax Usa

    When a person dies there are various taxes that arise and these go by the terms of Estate tax, death duty and inheritance tax. The total value of the property and assets owned by the deceased is subjected to taxation.

    In the USA it is a tax which is paid by the person who inherits the estate and is termed Inheritance tax. The tax is calculated on the value placed on the entire estate or property which includes the total value of money, and other valuable assets that have been bequeathed to the heir or heirs of the estate. However, the relationship of the inheritor to the deceased person is initially evaluated in order to come to a decision if the tax is to be imposed or not.

    Inheritance tax and estate tax are two separate entities and is not to be confused with. The difference is clearly demarcated. The responsibility to collect inheritance taxes falls within the jurisdiction of the State Governments. The theory of inheritance tax is much more widespread especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland and mostly among the Commonwealth Nations. In the early days the United States of America was home to many wealthy families and property inherited was not subjected to taxation. At the time what the estate lost to liquidation was the only part of the inherited property that came under taxation. It was the result of the government's policy to share the wealth that the inheritance tax was enforced upon the people.

    The states of New Mexico , Nebraska, New Jersey , Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee the estate tax is mandatory on the deceased person's personal representatives and those who benefitted from the estates was charged the inheritance tax.

    But in the states of Missouri, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming the estate tax is the same as the inheritance tax.

    Those people who inherit a significant sum of money and or property that has been legally willed to them are subject to the requirement of having to pay the inheritance tax if the asset is valued in excess of $1.5 million. Furthermore, the inheritance tax is not required to be paid by persons who belong to the category Class A. The people who fall into this category are the spouses of the deceased, parents, children and grandchildren. Many states within the country have the inheritance tax imposed on their citizens. Other states following Federal ruling and making an exemption to a particular inheritance will also have the state government following same.

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