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Live Tax Help

Chat about taxes? Why on earth would anyone want to do that. What a horrible, terrifying subject. Why not just chat about cancer or AIDs or other topics equally uncheerful ... assuming you can think of any.

If that's your attitude about chatting on the subject of taxes, you're way out of step with the rest of the world. Chatting, as in online Live Chat, has become a global obsession, right up there with Facebooking and following your betters around cyberspace with your nose up their Twittering behinds.

So, considering the fact that you can receive real honest-to-Internal-Revenue-Service help with filing your taxes via the wonderful work of live chat, what are waiting for ... an engraved invitation from the Secretary of the Treasury?

Live Chat Tax Help service is available at a number of venues both online and over the phone. In fact, even the Internal Revenue Service itself has trained tax agents manning several toll free hotlines available to taxpayers. For a list of current numbers, visit the Internal Revenue website at www.irs.gov.

Other live chat lines, which may have significantly shorter hold times during tax season, are available from non-governmental tax experts. Some, like "Tax Brain Live Tax Help" are offered free of charge, other chat services offered by any number of CPAs with an online presence are, like phone sex lines, priced by the minute.

Most free live tax help lines are geared answering specific questions regarding federal income taxes rather than general questions about the tax codes, state or local tax issues, capital gains taxes, property taxes and other tax topics not related to earned income. Common questions that come into these sites involve things like the dependent status of 18-21 year-old children attending college and how to calculate medical expense writeoffs.

The pay-for-play live tax help lines, especially those affiliated with a certified public accountant, are usually more broadly focused and amiable about listening to questions about everything from the tax status of Native Americans to the estimated taxable value of the 300 vinyl LPs you inherited from Aunt Nellie. on the other hand. But then, it is in their best interest to be open to anything since the longer you talk the more of your money they collect.

Discuss It!
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vinnie said:

I need to know the number that slaps you with the alternative minmum tax and restricts other deductions such as dependents

Danielle said:

Where can I find the tax exemption codes or state/public laws that state non-gaming tribal per capitas can not be claimed or even calculated into monthly income??

barbara said:

where can I find my ein?

keith said:

I feel our gov. just keeps on messing with us, we wait all year for the w-2, then they delay,?, they had a whole year to work this out, but instead lets make everyone wait for there money longer, just not right!

keith said:

I mean, we can put a man on the moon, a robot on Mars, but cant get tax timing right, I find it hard to believe, they are gaining something from this, but it sure isn't us!

Tony C said:

I forgot to file 1 of my W2 forms and I already filed the rest of my taxes. What can I do?

John said:

I have a tax question- If I am married, an filing jointly, if my wife made 120K per year and paid 4624 in soc sec tax, and I made 70K (on 2 different W-2's) and paid a total of 3102 in soc security tax, should we only pay $4624 total in social security tax? I am using H&R Block software, and I am not showing an excess social security tax on line 69. Should we have the $3102 on that line? Thanks for any help!

Michael said:

I purchased my home in Texas in November 2006. I am trying to find out if I can deduct the amount I paid on Private Mortgage Insurance in 2012. I haven't been able to get a straight answer. The publications are vague at best. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff said:

If we had to file an injured spouse form last year, and it was approved...do you have to the same thing every year for the same issue? Or is it a one time resolution?

Church said:

What can you do if you gave donation to your church and they don't give you a yearly report of your earnings.

Monica said:

I was claimed in an illegal way on my soon to be ex husbands taxes. I need to speak with someone in regards to turning him in for this.

Jerry said:

I have a client that invested with a company for a life settlement contract and received a bond certificate with a 5 year maturity. The company principals took funds and are now in prison. It went through courts and received 5% of investment and now over. What forms to file for investment loss?

Ron said:

My wife and I have been married for 2 years. We both own houses. We file separately for the past 2 years. I sold my house in 2013. My wife sold her house this year 2014. Will be both get the capital gains exemption?

Michael said:

IRS form 4562 top right hand corner, it asks for identifying number. I have no idea what this is. Is it the same as SS number? Answer:Identifying number. Individuals, enter your social security number. All others, enter your employer identification number (EIN). -TeenAnalyst

Patrice Myers said:

I was told I owe back taxes. I want to know where can I hire someone with help for this. Pruthmyers@yahoo.com Patrice Myers 097 76 1035

Jay said:

need help filing

sheree said:

can I file 1099 with a home

Cathy said:

My son receives a LRAP for his student loans through the college that he graduated from. My question is...is this repayment for his loan payments considered income on his taxes at the end of the year? If so, is he then allowed to deduct the interest that he paid on his loans on his taxes? and if so, where is this income reported on the tax forms? If it is not considered in his income, can he still deduct the interest that he paid for his loans?

charles said:


Kenneth Smith said:

I attended 3 years of college but after several months into year 1, I became permanently disabled. I finished school in May of 2014, but was unable to repay student loans. The years I was still in school and on disability, I never filed or tried to file, but income was too low. Now that I have filed a debt forgiveness, the school has combined all loans into one lump sum exceeding 25,000. Add into that the 13,000+ I get in disability and now I'm confused. Not only that, I lived in 3 different states also while attending school. Just what are my options? riverduckmcqueen@outlook.com

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