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Mutual Funds
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Tip of the Day Be Wary of Mutual Funds

Be Wary of Mutual Funds - Mutual funds for years have been a safe investment option if you are going to invest your money, but lately these investments are not...

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Small Business Tax Cut

Many governments grant income tax relief for small business sectors since the SBS is considered as one of the main avenues for economic development. Besides, most citizens depend on small businesses and their employees are also a significant force. Before Obama's presidency, the Bush administration increased depreciation cap for money that business deduct on a yearly basis.

The cap for equipment bought in 2008 such as computers, furniture etc., was marked as $250,000 whereas earlier it was $128,000. Nevertheless, it should be noted that companies which invested over $800,000 of qualified assets are not liable for this depreciation rule. The businesses eligible for the depreciation are partnerships, corporations and sole proprietorships. There is bonus depreciation for small business too. They can depreciate 50 percent on specific assets. Typically, this depreciation bonus deduction is 20 percent though it was increased under the year 2008 taxation.

The business taxes are in four categories. They are called Income Tax, Self-Employment Tax, Employment Tax and Excise Tax. Excluding partnerships, other businesses should file income tax returns on a yearly basis. Partnerships have to file an information return. The methods you use in this procedure depend on the structure of your business and IRS websites provides the information on business structures. The federal income tax is ongoing tax on business. You have to pay the tax in line with your ongoing business income. Exemption from this procedure puts you on an estimated tax procedure. That means you have to pay taxes when you file the return.

Self-employment tax has to be paid by self-employed people. The SE Tax you provide covers your social securities. The social security coverage is your disability benefit, hospital insurances, Medicare facilities and retirement benefits. You have to make the SE Tax payments and complete Schedule SE when your self-employments venture does not exceed $400. Special laws and exemptions are for crew in the fishing industry, employees of state or local government bodies, employees in foreign government, notaries and international organizations also fall within this category.

If you are an employer, you have to pay employment taxes as well. Employment taxes consists of social security and Medicare taxes, withholding of federal income tax, federal unemployment tax. Excise Tax cover manufacturers or those who are selling certain products, certain types of business, those that use special equipments, products or facilities, and get payments for supplying certain services. Taxes on environmental issues, communications and air transportation, taxes on fuel, heavy vehicles, sale or use of special tools are also under Excise taxation. The vehicles used on public highways that weigh over 55,000 pounds have to file Form 2290. Businesses that are in wagers acceptance or lotteries have to pay tax on wagering. They have to comply with Form 730 regulations on taxation. A major aspect of excise tax procedure is tax on motor fuel.

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