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The saying that the only thing that is guaranteed is death and taxes is an advantage for anyone pursing a job as a tax lawyer. Everyone dreads doing their taxes on April 15th everyyear. No one keeps up with the current tax laws. Most people don't understand the words. It might as well be a foreign language as confusing as taxes can be. If the idea of researching tax codes and defending someone that is getting audited by the IRS makes you all warm and fuzzy inside then this is the ideal job for you.

Most of us that went to business school had to take a few accounting classes. This is usually the make or break point to determine whether or not a the tax field was the right fit. The majority finds it boring and tedious. Just enough information was retained to continue onto the next course. For those of you that excelled it was your ultimate dream. As an accounting professor once stated it is recession proof. Anytime the laws change people will need your help and advice to understand what it means. It is as if the government actually wants you to succeed. They are constantly creating ways to confuse people on how to pay taxes. It should be a simple concept. But lucky for you it is not.

You never have to worry about taxes going away. Everyone has to pay them. No one escapes the hands of Uncle Sam. The more people complain about them the greater your security will be. The various deductions, taxes, and credits that exist allow you to earn your income. And you can even specialize in individual or personal taxes. The choice is all up to you.

Lawyers have a bad reputation. But when you help someone when they are audited or provide sound tax advice they think the world of you. You will be appreciated by many and they'll tell others about your services. You will get plenty of repeat customers this way. This is yet another reason why you won't have to worry about your job or career. Though many have tried to elimiate taxes it is here to stay. Until there comes a time when someone can create a way to fund the federal government without taxes all tax lawyer jobs are recession proof.

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