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Tip of the Day Pay Your Bills On Time

Pay Your Bills On Time - We all get behind on our bills every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant practice it starts to cost us...

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Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversify Your Portfolio - One sure-fire way to lose money in the stock market it to invest too much money into one share or one company. The best way to ensure that you will have a balanced portfolio where one stock that is returning dividends and another may not be is to invest in many stocks. Rule of thumb; never invest more than 10% of your portfolio into the same company's stock options. This will help prevent losses if the company, even when it looks like a sure thing, goes through hard times. By diversifying your portfolio you are always more likely to come out on the up side of the stock market.

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Definition of the Day Conversion Option

Conversion Option - a conversion option is a feature on certain preferred stocks and some bonds... This feature would allow the shareholder to covert their shares into common stock. Preferred stock, also known as Capital stock, provides a specific dividend that is paid before any dividends are paid to common...

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